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October-November 2020 The Canadian Red Cross Provide Funding to Jehovah, The White Cross For Educational Support Program For Black and Visible Minority Students Across Ontario. Providing digital Learning Devices and Training To Transition To Virtual Learning Environment Within Canada, Ontario.

News Release

Learn about Jehovah,The White Cross

presence in Ghana,Liberian Refugee Camp

Gomoa,District West Africa.our news and media room

will keep you up to date on our effort.

(J.T.W.C) Initiate programs or partner with

disaster relief organizations during times of

crisis in all member countries (Canada,Liberia,Ghana & Sierra leone)

Jehovah,The White Cross promote educational programs for children,youth and adults in all member countries mentioned,Canada,Liberia,Ghana &Sierra Leone. we help with adaptation and adjustment of new immigrants in Canada arriving from Ghana,Liberia & Sierra Leone.

Jehovah,The White Cross provide nonfood essentials to the under-privileged in all member countries.

we gave to children,youth,& Adults of all age, race,ethnicity & culture in all member countries.

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(J.T.W.C) Help end prostitution among youth in all member countries supra, Canada,Liberia,Ghana & Sierra Leone.

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(J.T.W.C) support religious freedom and peaceful coexistence & encourage the practical application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in restoring people back to good health,financial freedom and knowledge of God.

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