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Jehovah, The White Cross (JTWC). is supported by the Government of Canada's Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative and the Black Business Initiative (sbcci—BBI)

The funding will provide training to Jehovah, The White Cross Executive leadership and Board of Directors to ensure JTWC operational effectiveness and efficiency. This leadership training initiative will enable Jehovah, The White Cross to efficiently achieve its mandate and uphold its vision by providing direct services to as many as 120 community members annually. These services include:

1. Facilitating the transfer of employment and business knowledge to Black and immigrant youth and young adults.

2. Increasing accessibility to social programming for Black seniors to improve their community engagement and combat social isolation and loneliness.

3. Providing a social and advocacy support system for Black women impacted by violence and connect them with appropriate social and justice systems.

4. Combat food insecurity through the provision of nutritional food to vulnerable families

CQ Business Consultants

Jehovah, The White Cross Strategic Planning Workshop Training Section For the Month of April/12/2022

Brampton, Ontario

CQ Business Consultants

Online Workshop & Presentation Training Section For Jehovah, The White Cross Staff and Board Members.

This Training Section is for the Month of March/3/2022 


Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (SBCCI), a federally funded program over 4 years, was created by the Federal government through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) with a goal to increase the capacity of Black-led communities and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to Black Canadian communities. The Black Business Initiative (BBI) is one of four intermediary organizations to deliver this program. SBCCI uses the intermediary delivery model to ensure that funding is made available to the black community fairly and transparently.


Black Business Initiative

Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative

The SBCC portal is primarily used by the Black Business Initiative, Tropicana Community Services, Groupe3737 and the Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta to deliver this initiative. For more information on the three organizations, please visit:

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