Jehovah,The White Cross

The White Cross

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   About Jehovah,The White Cross

Our Mission
Jehovah,The White Cross mission is to grow and seek the advancement of education,relief of poverty;obtain provide & distribute vital food and nonfood essentials in our four member country service area (Canada,Liberia,Ghana & Sierra leone).

Our Vision
Before the end of the age we must have helped to create a society free of hunger,poverty and the misuse & abuse of the human bodies through the intake of drugs,alcohol,& prostitution thereby leading others to wholesome living and preparing soul for Christ.

Our core values:
a.  Humanitarian value
c.  Dignity
d. Integrity
e.  Accountability
f.  Effectiveness
g.  Adaptability 
h. Quality
i.  Safety
j. Honesty
k. Service to humanity
i. Preparing each one live for Christ