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Jehovah, The White Cross Thanks and Appreciate Second Harvest for Donating and feeding 150 Seniors, Single families Household, valunrable women and people with disabilities in Mississauga, Ontario

Working Together can bring change in your Community. Second Harvest Gave $ 35,000.00 to Jehovah, The White Cross In Support for 150 Seniors who currently Residing In Mississauga, Ontario. We Appreciate Second Harvest For there Massive Support and Donation.

Second Harvest Can Bring smile and Change within your Community. Jehovah, The White Cross Purchase and Distribute These Food among 150 residents(Seniors) in Mississauga , Ontario.

Mississauga, Ontario Second Food Distribution For The Month of May/8/2022

Second Harvest Bring Change In your Community

Jehovah, The White Cross first Food Distribution for the month of April/28/2022

Mississauga, Ontario

Jehovah, The White Cross gave Thanks and Appreciation to Second Harvest for bringing Life-Changing of safe Food like Bag of Rice, Cooking Oil, Tray of Eggs, Box of Chicken and Personal protective equipment to be shared and Distribute among 150 Isolated seniors, Individual with disabilities, Single household families and vulnerable women who currently residing in the Mississauga, Ontario Area.

Jehovah, The White Cross

Mississauga, Ontario First food Distribution for the month of April/28/2022

We Appreciate Second Harvest For Food Donation in our Mississauga, Ontario Community      

Working Together Bring Change In your Community