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Our Recent Work

In Mississauga, Ontario

Jehovah, The White Cross Food Distribution/Video

Jehovah, The White Cross Appreciate Second Harvest for this massive donations for seniors, single families, valunrable women, and people with disabilities. Mississauga Residents were able to received their rice, chicken, oil, eggs ,face mask, and hand sanitizer

Jehovah, The White Cross Food Distribution/Video 

President/CEO (Michael Jones) and the entire staff of Jehovah the White Cross, would like to take this time to extend our thanks and appreciation to Second Harvest for their support to Jehovah The White Cross, we are indeed grateful to you guys for your wonderful support to the people of Mississauga Ontario. may the Almighty God richly bless you all in Jesus name

Seniors Metal Health Disorder Program

The New Horizon Program For Seniors May/2/2022-2023

Brampton, Ontario

Seniors Social Isolation Program/Video

The New Horizon Program for Seniors April/22/2022-2023

Jehovah, The White Cross Seniors Mental Health Disorder Program for the month of September-October 2021-2022

Senior Social Isolation Workshop, Jehovah the White Cross 2021-2022

Jehovah, The White Cross

Jehovah, The White Cross Seniors Information Sharing Session Webinar for the month of May. 2021.

Jehovah, The White Cross Safety - Emergency Preparedness

October-November 2020 Project

Jehovah, The White Cross is grateful to the Canadian Red Cross For Providing Funding To Support Vulnerable Black and Visible Minority Youth/Students Project.

Title: Providing Digital Learning Devices and Training to transition To Virtual Learning Environment in Ontario.

Oct 2017, Jehovah,The White Cross carried 

on the distribution of water and Food among 

Refugee from Liberia & Sierra Leone.  

It was wonderful to see the distribution of

food and water be shared among Refugee

in Ghana,(Buduburam Refugee Camp).

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