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Mississauga, Ontario Food Preparation

Jehovah, The White Cross Staff and Volunteer. 

Jehovah, The White Cross Staff, Board Members and Volunteer Working together to prepared Food Distribution for 150 Seniors, Single Families Household, people with Disabilities and vulnerable  Women in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. We Appreciate Second Harvest for their Food and PPE Donations for Mississauga Residents.

Discover Volunteer Opportunities for You

Jehovah, The White Cross 

We rely on volunteers from all walks of life who bring different skills and experience to Jehovah, The White Cross.

From helping during emergencies and disasters, as a volunteer, you can make a big difference in your community.

Help People in Your Community

Just a few hours a week could make the future brighter for people in your community. Community Health Services volunteers lend a hand to make sure people can remain independent in their own homes and stay connected to their community. You might help someone transition home after a hospital stay, make friendly visits, drive them to appointments, or deliver healthy meals to those who need them.

We rely on volunteers from all walks of life. Skills and experience you already have can be an asset in a range of volunteer roles. If you're looking to learn new skills, make meaningful connections, and improve the lives of vulnerable Canadians, you're bound to find a rewarding role for you.

There are opportunities to volunteer with the elderly or isolated in your community or you can even join thousands of others in helping our operations team digitally map vulnerable geographical areas.

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Jehovah, The White Cross .Emergency Response Team is on the scene to assess needs, provide services for immediate and long-term needs, and  facilitate access to community resources.

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By Volunteering with Jehovah, the White Cross. You will assess immediate needs, provide access to services such as shelter, food and comfort, and facilitate access to community

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