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Jehovah,The White Cross

You can help when help is most needed. Gave to Jehovah,The White Cross.

2017-2018 Jehovah,The White Cross Undertake the first International Food & water Distribution Project In Ghana

(West Africa)

Rice and mineral bag of water were shared among youth and Senior, children were able to received chocolate,biscuit and candy at the distribution center in Ghana.

Jehovah,The White Cross apply through ERA.CA in Canada, ERA gave us 50 Laptop for these Kids to learned how to used the internet.

Project Winter Survival 2020

Jehovah,The White Cross received winter Survival kit donation from the Bargains Group in Toronto

Jehovah,The White Cross appreciate the Bargains Group in Toronto for helping most Not-For-Profit organization within Ontario.

Winter Survival kit were packed and sorted by the Bargains Group Volunteers who gave Jehovah,The White Cross those kit for distribution.