Jehovah,The White Cross

The White Cross

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                                                  PROJECT: Jehovah,FEED MY PEOPLE

Jehovah,The White Cross Undertake the first major project in west Africa Ghana


Michael Jones,The president/CEO for Jehovah,The White Cross who work two job just to make this project to be a success.


Jehovah,The White Cross were able to feed 50 children in the Liberians Refugee Camp In Ghana, Gomoa District.


                                              2020 PROJECT WINTER SURVIVAL KIT
                Jehovah,The White Cross IN Partnership With The Bargains Group In Toronto

The Bargains Group Volunteers Prepared Donation for Jehovah,The White Cross 

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Kids Backpacks sorted and pack for Jehovah,The White Cross Donation for Distribution in the community of Brampton,Ontario.


Thanks to the Bargains Group for their support in helping more Not-For-Profit Organization In Ontario.


Incoming Project: Kids BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPORT